Online Brand Awareness. A Case-Study on Creating Associations and Attachment



A consistent online presence requires the existence of positive information only, or negative information that does not harm the image of the person or product. The success of the brand in medium term involves the existence of an online communication strategy of at least six months, avoiding negative associations and comments and ensuring a constant feedback from the target audience. A faster way to create brand awareness is the association with people or highly influential brands and with influencers on the same market. The evolution of Cluj-based brand EBS showed that association with other names, in order to gain notoriety in a certain community, does not necessarily imply choosing successful partners, but choosing partners that have symbolic value for specific groups in that community.

Keywords: Brand attachments; Brand in social media; Brand associa-tions; Communication in social media; Brand influencers

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.31.7