Words for the Country’s Army: Tribute Brought by Ion Agârbiceanu to the Romanian Army, Before the Great Union

Alexandra Cătălina ORMENIȘAN


In 2018, Romania celebrates the Centenary of the Great Union. The celebration of this event must also refer to the press of the time, which, over a hundred years ago, contributed to the propagation of the need for national unity, to the mobilization of the Romanian people for this purpose, but also to the consolidation of the new national order, through civic guidance, professional, moral and personal interests of the citizens. When talking about the Transylvanian press, Ion Agârbiceanu’s name must be on any list of ambassadors of the Great Union. Patriot, without being an extremist, the Transylvanian writer has always militated, through his work and articles, for a prosperous and respected unitary state. This paper aims to analyze a series of articles on this subject, which were addressed by Ion Agârbiceanu to the Romanian army, during the period preceding the Great Union: “Words for the country’s army”.

Keywords: Agârbiceanu; Great Union; Press, Transylvania; Press history

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.30.7