Is Public Sociology Possible? Reconstruction of Sociology through Communicative Action

Alfred BULAI


This article analyzes the model of public sociology proposed by Michael Burawoy, focusing on the possibility of building a public sociology. I will demonstrate that the Burawoy model has no sufficient theoretical consistency and needs to redefine its basic concepts. The public sociology paradigm has implications that go beyond the dialogue of the sociologist with its public. If we develop the Habermas model of Communicative Action in its details, we discover that public sociology could be possible, yet implies major changes in the way sociology currently works, which means a redefinition of some fundamental paradigms of our society. Among these, two are crucial: they concern the educational system and the market of knowledge. To do public sociology accepting the model of communicative action, it is necessary to transform the basis of our educational system and the main principles of the market of knowledge.

Keywords: Communicative action; Social communication; Emancipation; Public; power; Public social data; Illegitimate inequalities; Public policies in education.

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.30.5