The Key Role of Storytelling in the Branding Process



The branding process no longer revolves just around the main branding elements, such as naming, slogan, visual identity or position-ing, but is rather a storytelling process promising customers the satisfaction of their needs, as well as an entirely new experience. Stories have a great persuasive force because our episodic memory stores them effort-lessly and brings them back to us when we see or hear about the product again, unlike numbers and specific data (Wala 2015, p. 170). Therefore, products that tell stories are no longer foreign to consumers, since they know a great deal about them and products people associate with emotions and stories are called brands. The present paper offers an insight into this branding approach by combining theoretical considerations with numerous examples of brands which have already embraced this technique, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the process of storytelling in general and an assessment of its role, especially in relation to branding.

Keywords: Brand; branding; Story-branding; Storytelling; Persuasion

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.30.3