The Branding and Promotion of Cultural Heritage. Case Study About the Development and Promotion of a Touristic Heritage Route in the Carpathian Basin



The study describes a comprehensive cultural branding plan, whose central form is Saint Ladislaus (St. László). The plan creates a Cultural Heritage Route of 44 settlements in Romania and Hungary having built heritage sites, legend-connected sites, natural values or settlement name associated with the saint. Based on a variety of background research and analysis the branding plan enlists the subjects and possibilities of cultural branding, defines brand elements, creates the segmentation and targeting of different target groups, makes a proposal for media and communication channels, elaborates a communication plan and formulates further suggestions. The study presents a plan for practical implementation, but at the same time aims to create a model for future branding and communication plans in cultural or place branding.

Keywords: Saint Ladislaus Heritage Route; Cultural branding; Heritage elements; Place branding; Touristic promotion

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.29.6