Philosophy with Children within Social Network Sites: Engaging Towards a Virtual Community

Iulia MEDVESCHI, Mihaela FRUNZ─é, Iulia GRAD, Ariana GUGA


The objective of this article is to discuss the benefits offered by the Philosophy with Children program with roots in the Socratic method, in which the individuals reach their own conclusions by exercising the dialectics. In the second part, we aim to highlight the set of pedagogical practices used within the activities of a Philosophy with children club. The meetings are designed in order to cultivate pupils’ conscious and volitional forms of motivation and self-regulated learning in school and beyond. Ultimately, we will reiterate the constructive role of social network sites and social media phenomena in promoting and spreading the important social and co-operative experiences that develop listening, empathy, respect, friendship and the ability to truly work and think co-operatively.

Keywords: Philosophy; Children; Club, Community of inquiry; Virtual community; Social media

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.29.5