When the Journalist Meets New Media: Some Reflections on the Interactions between Journalist and New Media Driven Journalism in Turkey



This study aims to answer the following questions: How do journalists in Turkey discuss the emergence of new media specific technological forms? and In which circumstances are new media forms seen as contributing to the practices of journalism and when are they threatening it? Each mode in the study points to the relationship between journalism and technology and carries different implications regarding the changing nature of journalism in the digital age. The study is based on 22 in-depth interviews with online journalists and a survey based on “Likert attitude analysis” (N=126). In the study, journalists are selected from traditional and online news agencies, and the groups are consistent in terms of age, gender, and professional experiences. The findings of the study indicate that online journalism is required for diversity in the free market of the media sector, especially in Turkey.

Keywords: Journalism; Internet; New media; Ownership concentration; Pluralisation

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.29.2