Introduction to Profiling: The Process of Reading of Nonverbal Signs

Magor E. KÁDÁR


The present study debates the process and the difficulties of the nonverbal sign reading. As the perception and decoding the signs are strongly connected to the personality the first aspect is to know establish a proper baseline the subject will be referred to and have a proper selfknowledge to be able classify the signs perceived. The paper focuses on process offers a possible way for reading and understanding followed by the classical face sign classification. Recommended to know it but also to develop a personal reading process and reference line appropriate for the people, culture, environment and circumstances of meeting. The last part will offer a brief list of sources to gather information in any interpersonal process as a start for everyone’s own readings.

Keywords: Profiling, nonverbal communication, interpersonal psychol-ogy, signal reading and interpretation

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.27.7