Personal Branding of Contemporary Novelists in the Digital Age

Júlia Anna MAKKAI


Nowadays, not only politicians and actors do public appearances, publicity is accessible to anybody. Web 2.0 creates its own public figures, anyone longing for publicity can create a personal brand in the online space. Prosaists are also conscious users of the social networking services, and besides promoting their writings, they also work on building and keeping their personal brand, the writer’s brand, and in a wider sense, their status as public figures, too. The aim is to generate a constant presence on as many surfaces as possible, and to supply it with multifarious contents. Being well-known sells the book, or more exactly, the writer’s face, and the assigned authorial context has a certain appeal. This paper analyses the process of personal branding, including the creation of the writer’s brand. The case study consists of the communication of a writer whose first novel sold 70.000 copies of several re-releases in 2010–2012 in Hungary and Transylvania. Besides writing novels and cookbooks, she is also a television anchorman. Her Facebook page has 6921 followers; her Instagram account has 536. She is the nr. 1. Transylvanian writer of Hungary.

Keywords: personal branding; web 2.0; digital era; novelists; Transylvania