Communicating Populism in Post-communist Romania – A Literature Review

Elena-Laura POPESCU


The literature review is part of the larger research project IS1308: Populist Political Communication in Europe, reviewing extant research within the participating countries that addresses each of the three key themes: Populist actors as communicators, the media and populism and Citizens and populism. This literature review aims at identifying the traits of the local populist discourse, the means and degrees of disseminating the discourse by the media, and its effects on the public opinion and ultimately on voting. Identifying populism traits starts from discourse analysis, but it cannot be entirely relevant without a thorough research on how populism is disseminated in the media and by what tools, as well as what are its effects on the public in terms of identity – the degree to which the public feels represented by the populist discourse and the ways and degrees to which it influence the voting decisions. For the purposes of this literature review, the authoritative literature in Romania has been identified by searching into the database of the Central University Library in Bucharest, the Central University Library in Cluj-Napoca and the Metropolitan Library in Cluj-Napoca.

Keywords: populism; populist; media bias; electoral discourse; political lie