Korunk 1926-2016: The Emblematic Intellectual Workshop of Transylvania



The study attempts to give a picture about the editorial con-ceptions of the three waves of Korunk – Transylvania's emblematic periodical was founded by László Dienes in 1926 at Cluj. He edited alone three of the fifteen volumes of the first Korunk, and two and a half togeth-er with Gábor Gaál. The article presents the editorial model adopted by László Dienes and Gábor Gaál, which continued to be applied also dur-ing the magazine’s second period starting 1957, and the third starting in 1989. The paper also offers an overview of the history and agenda of the second period of the magazine, between 1957 and 1989 and outlines the targets and characteristics of the third period starting 1990.

Keywords: Korunk; editorial conceptions; the press of minority; the history of the press