Then and now: The evolution of the Romanian press in post-Soviet Europe

David P. KARAS


The past quarter century has brought about significant waves of change for the nations of Central and Eastern Europe as Communism waned as the region's dominant political ideology. Paramount to these transitions - as well as the success of the democratic governments that have come to replace their authoritarian predecessors - has been the role of press systems in informing citizens and holding government, and governmental offcials, accountable to the respective publics they serve. This has been the case in Romania, where the nation’s press system has been in a state of flux since the nation’s violent revolution of 1989. Through a series of semi-structured interviews, this article takes stock of what progress has been made some 25 years following the birth of the nation’s democracy, assessing findings with a keen eye towards prior scholarship outlining the shortcomings of the Romanian press and perspectives shared by wellinformed individuals about the present performance of the nation’s media.

Keywords: Romania; Romanian press; media system; post-Soviet; East-ern Europe