Corporate Online und Social Publishing in der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Fallbeispiel der rumänischen Ministerien

Mirela-Codruţa ABRUDAN, Julia SZAMBOLICS


New media but especially the rise of social media marked the beginning of a new communication era, facilitating each organization the direct access to its publics, escaping the dependence and filtering mechanisms of the press. This so-called “by-passing” phenomenon introduced new challenges for public communication, forcing on one hand the organizations to interaction, transparency and networking and traditional media to digitalization on the other hand. Thus, organizations have to adapt to the new media context and develop constantly their online communication skills. Based on the example of Romanian Ministries, the present paper aims to analyze the online presence and the corporate social publishing activities of public institutions, by applying the content analysis of the used new media tools.

Keywords: online communication; social media; public administration; Romanian Ministries; corporate social publishing