Wie viel Kommunikation passt in 160 Zeichen? Eine Untersuchung sprachlicher und kommunikativer Aspekte von Kurzmitteilungen (SMS) aus der Sicht von Jugendlichen

Veronica CÂMPIAN


The main objective of the article How much can we commu-nicate in 160 characters? An analysis of the linguistic and communicative functions of text messages (SMS) from the perspective of teenagers is to assess the linguistic and communicative perspective of bi- and trilingual teenagers on text messaging with the help of a questionnaire. The analysis is threefold and focuses on the writing behavior of SMS senders on the one hand and on the linguistic and communicative aspects of text messages on the other. The part focusing on language be-havior determines the reasons for texting, but also takes potential recipients and other senders of text messages into consideration. In relation to the language of text messages we will inquire into whether senders attach importance to correct spelling or whether they use abbreviations or emoticons. In this respect the positioning of the language of texting, half-way between orality and writing is a research subject in its own right. The analysis of the communicative features of text messages is made as-suming that they are regarded as texts and highlights the text functions identified in text messages. The inquiry into the question of whether a text message offers enough characters to duly express an experience and thus fulfill a communicative intention is of utmost importance in this respect. This analysis should be considered a pilot study laying the foundations for a future, more comprehensive analysis of this issue.

Keywords: SMS; mobile communication; linguistic and communicative aspects of communication