What makes good advertising? 12 timeless principles based on the advice of famous advertising gurus



What makes good advertising? It is an eternal topic with several opinions including online forums and people of the academia taking a stand. Some people think that there is a single answer to this question such as ”42” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Others say that the question is not so simple. This study aims to present what people creating advertisements think about the topic. Altogether 12 important principles will be discussed, all based on the advice of famous advertising gurus:
- Good advertising sells.
- Good advertising is all about the customers.
- Good advertising promises something.
- Good advertising affects emotions.
- Good advertising differentiates.
- Good advertising attracts attention.
- Good advertising is newsworthy.
- Good advertising entertains.
- Good advertising is creative.
- Good advertising involves.
- Good advertising is simple.
- Good advertising is not ordinary.

Keywords: advertising, business, marketing, principles, sales