Consumption exposure on Facebook: What do we share in the online environment?

Alexandra-Petronela GRIGORE (ISBĂŞOIU)


In Romania there is already a significant access to the Internet so that the online presence or manifestation of individuals in this medium is no longer an unknown or isolated situation, but can be turned into an object of study. Online social networks, such as Facebook, provide the right environment for exposure and construction/ reconstruction of self by means of consumption. Therefore from the last book we read, the last theater play we watched, the last visited museum or the name of the café where we relaxed with friends, everything is on the Internet. How does consumption look like in the light of the online social networks? What do we share in the online social environment in which we express ourselves? As a result of this research, I expect an understanding of what we choose to expose on Facebook. I also hope to confirm the viability of the research strategy and to identify ways of improving and expanding the research.

Keywords: Facebook; consumption, online, methodology, netnography