Online identity in the case of the share phenomenon. A glimpse into the on lives of Romanian millennials



In less than a decade, the World Wide Web has evolved from a predominantly search medium to a predominantly share medium, from holding a functional role to being endowed with a social one.In the context of a reontologisation of the infosphere and of an unprecedented display of mass self-communication, the identity system has gained a legitimate dimension – online identity –, as individuals have become the sum of impressions openly offered online and decoded into a coherent story by the receiver. In the network society, there are consequences to both having and not having an online identity.

Originating in an interactionist perspective, the present paper looks into Romanian Millennials in trying to find out whether online identity is undergoing a process of intentionalization, in other words whether it becomes a conscious, planned effort of the individual to build himself/herself a legitimate and profitable dimension in the digital space.

Keywords: online identity, infosphere, mass self-communication, Millennials, Generation Y