Die Zukunft der vernetten Welt

Mirela-CodruĊ£a ABRUDAN


The rise of social media changed the meaning of communication, providing tools each individual may use to generate content, partake actively, criticize and infuence any industry. New technologies facilitate the democratization of society, the building of a real global public opinion through spatial borders banning, interaction, transparency and networking. While traditional media struggles for survival, online communicators become new opinion leaders being a serious threat for journalists, who have to adapt to the new media context. Digitalization, multitasking, mobile applications as well as live streaming, new formats and creative advertising are the new trends for now. But how will the future of media look like in 5 or even 25 years? The present paper intends to provide an overview of some perceptions and predictions of media experts regarding this challenging issue.

Keywords: media future, digital journalism, Social Web, multitasking, Big Data, virtual reality, wearables