Mediated Histories of Advertising. Museum Exhibitions and Digital Archives

Anamaria TOMIUC


We are facing a contemporary boom of museums that actually re-write the history of humanity by displaying their collections and sharing multiple experiences with their visitors, but very few are dedicated to advertising. In this particular context, the purpose of this article is to investigate the manners in which the history of advertising is actually writen, by discussing two types of representations - within the curatorial practices of museum exhibition displays (set both in real spaces and online, in virtual museums), and within the online advertising archives, stating that we are faced with multiple histories of advertising mediated by the particular device of their setings. Our approach is focused on the creative part of advertising, or, more specifcally, of advertising as a form at the borders of art.

Keywords: history of exhibitions, the exhibition as a mediating device, mediated histories of advertising, virtual museums, digital archives