Media Convergence and Mobile Technology

Georgeta DRULÄ‚


Convergence of multimedia content involves the unifcation of several media channels through a technology, and it is in a state of continuous transformation driven by the technological evolution. Recently developed, mobile and wireless technologies have facilitated new forms of convergence that permit users to consume information. Although media convergence involves many aspects, this paper considers just the perspective of technological convergence. The subject of this article is mobile sites created as a consequence of the convergence based on mobile technologies and devices. This paper shows new forms of media convergence designed by the mobile technologies. It presents and discusses theoretical aspects of this topic, and also describes practical solutions adopted by the media industry in Romania. The methodological solution is based on hierachical cluster analysis to group similar mobile sites based on their characteristics. The results of this study show that mobile technologies bring a new perspective to media.

Keywords: mobile sites, mobile convergence, mobile journalism; mobile media; mobile news