Navigating Culture. Enhancing Visitor Museum Experience through Mobile Technologies. From Smartphone to Google Glass.

Anamaria TOMIUC


This paper focuses on the use of mobile technologies and their ability to engage audiences in a new type of exploration that enriches the museum experience. The rapid expansions of media technology, the universal access to the Internet, the continuous online presence in the social media are fundamentally changing the cultural experience. In the entertainment and the new museum era, the issue is no longer whether new media and technologies should be used by cultural institutions (more precisely, in this article, museums), but how they may be used so that they heighten the visitor experience. Therefore, we will explore the new relationship between technology and museums and the ways in which newly emerging technologies such as augmented reality could be used in order to transform the audience’s encounterwith culture.

Keywords: mobile technologies, museum experience, Smartphone apps, augmented reality, Google Glass