The Research of Mass-Media– Dynamics, Figures and Astonishments

Marian PETCU, Arina URECHE


Our study is based on the measurements performed by The Transmedia Romanian Audit Bureau (BRAT), during the 2002-2014 time-frame, a period chosen in order to observe the changes that the media offer in Romania has been going through. We present here the dynamic of the media consumption, including the access to the new information and communication technologies. The Internet consumption performs an important role, because here is where we fnd the explanations regarding the changes that took place in the cultural/media consumption. A secondary analysis, performed over the database of the National Library (The Legal National Repository), has allowed us to evaluate the state of the writen press in the recent years. We also present the evolution of the writen publications’ circulation and the trends that have manifested in mass media.

Keywords: mass media, Romania, Internet, market research, study, cul-tural consumption, BRAT users