Journalism in Transylvania during WWI – Between Censorship and Propaganda. Case Study: Libertatea newspaper



The First World War, one of the most difficult times in the Romanians’ history, during which the opportunity of uniting Transylvania (part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at the time) with Romania became real, generated counter-measures from the Hungarian authorities, and the press was the hardest hit. Besides a more severe censorship of the Romanian press in Transylvania, jail sentences and steep fnes for printing ideas different from the official line, the Hungarian authorities used the Romanian press to manipulate the population and for propaganda purposes with regard to Romania’s position in the war and toward the Central Powers. Most Romanian newspapers in Transylvania ceased to exist during the war. This is a case study of a newspaper – Libertatea – that managed to survive, but that was subjected to the abuse of censorship, manipulation and propaganda. 

Keywords: Transylvania, WWI, propaganda, manipulation, censorships, press