The Use of ICT in Students’ Learning Activities

Loredana IVAN, Valeriu FRUNZARU


There is no doubt that new communication technologies are shaping our interaction paterns and technology adoption will continue to grow in the future, creating gaps between people with different levels of expertise. Particularly in the educational area, new technologies will challenge traditional approaches in learning and interacting with students and will give more opportunities for students on the labor market. This research focuses on technology adoption and use in class and strategies to learn, taking the case of students from a public university in Romania. We conducted a sociological survey based on questionnaire (N=553) to investigate the way students use ICT to prepare for different subjects, and atitudes they have on technology use in class. The fndings suggest that students with lower grades and non-traditional ones use ICT for academic purposes to a lower extent. Furthermore, students expect from teachers to use and handle Power Point presentations, to provide electronic books, chapters, articles or links to scientifc journals. Generally speaking, there are signifcant differences between students’ expectations and teachers’ behavior regarding the use information and communication technologies in class.

Keywords: ICT use in students’ learning activities, teachers ICT use; traditional and non-traditional students