How do cartoons teach children? A comparative analysis on preschoolers and schoolchildren.

Sonia SCHIAU, Iuliana PLITEA, Alexandra GUSIŢĂ, Sandra PJEKNY, Ioana IANCU


The study asses which cartoons are the most popular amongst kindergarten and schoolchildren, and whether they have an impact over their behavior. In a context in which children watch long hours of television everyday, the goal of the research is to comparatively analyze how animation flms infuence children of different ages. Methodologically, we chose to conduct focus groups, interviews, and a survey. The study has been conducted in one of the largest city of Romania, namely Cluj-Napoca. The results show that there is a certain level of infuence coming from the cartoons. Depending on the age category, they seem to affect children mostly at the language level. Parents take a very important part in this process as they can turn a negative experience into a learning one.

Keywords: cartoons, impact, preschoolers, schoolchildren