Commercial Perception of Global and Local Brands on the Romanian Market

Mădălina MORARU


The following research intends to analyse the perception of advertising campaigns broadcast on the Romanian market regardless of both local and global brands. The main interest is discovering how commercials point out Romanian’s integration into the global consumer culture, by fnding differences and similarities between the local perspective and the international background. This paper is not concerned with product or consumer perception, but with creating campaigns and understanding them based on the glocal culture. The main issues taken into consideration here are the following: the infuence global on local brands, their originality and specifcity, the predominant local topic developed in the ads and the best to appeal to local consumers. The study methodology relies on a survey applied on a specialized advertising target (students at Faculty of Communication and Sociology an d industry professionals) and the fndings were qualitatively debated to get to the conclusions.

Keywords: advertising, commercials, specifcity, global, local