Romanian War Correspondence Yesterday and Today



The present study seeks to debate a comparison of modern and contemporary war correspondence from the Romanian space, including forms of representation from photography to current forms of new media. The starting point is represented by photographer Carol Pop of Szathmári and the terminus is reached by young Romanian reporters participated in the wars of Europe, Egypt and Middle East. The past-present parallel, although apparently forced, aims to question the role of Romanian war correspondents in confict areas. Although the war correspondence evolved in a spectacular mode, being constantly modifed, it contains some universal principles, applied both for nowadays journalists and for those from its very beginnings. Similarities and differences refected in past and present war journalism are put into dialogue to demonstrate that Romanian correspondents echo was heard and known in Europe, even if the Romanian public had not benefted from a culture of foreign news. Modern war correspondent is debated by using a guided interview with two titrated Romanian correspondents Adelin Petrișor and Carmen Avram.

Keywords: war correspondence, romanian public, Carol Pop de Szathmári, Adelin Petrișor, Carmen Avram, photography, mass-media