The Context in the Production and the Consumption of Digital Art



In this article my intention was to confgure challenging profle of Digital Art as a mean of expression. We tried to identify the main changes in modern art works, that can be recognized in a digital art work, the instruments of digital and multimedia technology; also we discussed the digital art approach as a medium and as a tool, we tried to fnd out how it does trigger and infuence media consumption and what is the role of the artist and audience in interpretation and creating new meanings for a digital art work. Finally, we presented a few statements of young Romanian artists on the digital artist’s condition, the way they share their work, the diļ¬ƒculties to gain money from their work and the necessity to have a formal education in the feld. The questionnaire applied to the journalism students revealed the importance of interactivity when interpreting, creating meanings and producing digital artworks.

Keywords: digital art, author, medium, tool, audience, media consumption