The Use of Dialogic Principles of Romanian Crowdfunding Platform Communication on Facebook

Raluca VIDRA╚śCU


This study examines how the Romanian crowdfunding platform is using social media, specifically Facebook, in order to create a dialogic context for consumers, as defined by the five dialogic principles issued by Kent and Taylor (1998). To determine if dialogic communica-tion was occurring between the organization and its followers, the content analysis method was applied to the Facebook page (posts, comments and reactions) of crowdfunding platform over a 2 years span (2017–2019). The study attempts to answer the question of whether Romanian crowdfunding platform applies the principles of dialogic communication on their Facebook page. The results show that when applying the dialogic principles, the online audience become more engaged. Unfortunately, the majority of posts analyzed ask for money donation without taking into consideration public interest or trying to engage public in the online discussion. This type of communication reflects the lack of strategy in creating and maintaining a dialogic relationship with the online audience through Facebook posts.

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.38.4