The Impact of Megatrends on Marketing Communications Education. Results of an International Survey Among Educators



This paper examines the global megatrends affecting business practices and marketing and marketing communications education using the results of an international survey carried out by the authors to understand the effects of global megatrends, which included businesspeople as well as academics. For the research, the survey focuses only on academics and educators. The comparison of results includes advanced, developing and transition countries. The international nature of the study allowed a further comparison of expert opinions. The high share of educators in the sample allowed the researchers to make three predictions on requested changes in business and marketing education. The projections formulated in the study highlight the most significant changes: digital revolution or the advance of technology, the changing nature of marketing communications indicating the need for integration and emphasizing the importance of online communication, and finally the cultural sensitivity graduates must possess as a result of the changes taking place in higher education institutions.

Keywords: Marketing; Marketing communication; Megatrends; Mar-keting education; International research

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.38.2