The Synergy of Online and Offline Campaigns. Case Study of the Media Use in a Mobilization Campaign Ran in Two Countries



This paper offers a case study of the informational and mobilization campaign in the recent “Diaspora Ungaria–România” (Hungary–Romania Diaspora) project designed to enhance economic mobility. We aim to outline the particularities of the present communicational paradigm, the joint use of online and offline campaigns and the use of mass media and social media with various target groups, for a successful campaign. We do this by establishing a case study following the phases of classical campaign planning and implementation: brief and project description, campaign objectives, strategic planning, indicators, segmenting and targeting target groups via messages, creating visual identity, offline and online campaigns and their content, results, conclusions, possible further directions.

Keywords: Campaign planning; Mobilization campaign; Online communication; Offline communication; Synergy of media channels

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.35.3