“The Yokel from Teleorman”: Representations of Romanian Prime Minister in Satirical News Websites

Denisa OPREA


This article analyzes the way Ms. Viorica Dăncilă, the first woman prime minister in Romania’s history, is represented in the two most popular satirical news websites from Romania. Considering political satire as an important tool for critical thinking and political engagement, it draws on a qualitative analysis and approaches the main semantic fields subsuming the attributes and actions related to the Prime Minister. It appears that, on the one hand, the incompetence and the lack of good taste in fashion and hairstyle, and, on the other hand, the absurd actions, the preoccupations for housekeeping endeavors and for physical appearance stand out respectively as Prime Minister’s main characteristics and activities. This highly stereotypical depiction calls into question one of political satire’s main characteristic, as this particular journalism genre is supposed to challenge the status quo, and not to reinforce it.

Keywords: Women politicians; Political satire; Gender stereotypes; Attributes; Actions

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.34.4