A Content Analysis of Appeals in Food and Beverage TV Commercials

Isil OZGEN, Huriye TOKER


This study was conducted to analyze the appeals of food and beverage TV commercials which were broadcasted on Turkey’s national and international TV channels between 2011-2018. The main aim of this research was to do a reality check and try to compare different groups of food TV commercials according to their basic characteristics and appeal strategies. The research followed Aristotle’s modes of persuasion, and product appeals are identified primarily from the literature review and summarized into a systematic coding. Data gathered from the broadcasted TV commercials are reached through the companies own YouTube channels. A total sample of 400 national and international food and beverage TV commercials are grouped and analyzed according to their characteristics such as dairy, beverages, foods for breakfast, oil, meat, pulse and legumes, sauces and dressings, chocolate, and confectionary. The results of the study illustrate the range of techniques used to advertise foods to consumers and the techniques do not generally differ according to the type of food advertised. The most typical product appeals were mood alteration and taste both in national and international TV commercials.

Keywords: Food advertising; Rhetoric; Product appeal strategy; Food TV commercials

DOI: 10.24193/jmr.34.2