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Journal of Media Research

Articles from Volume 9, Issue 1 (24) / 2016

Students’ Online Identity Management



Acknowledging the inevitability of an online identity in to-day’s digital culture, where much of the social interaction has moved online, this paper places the concept of online identity amidst a highly commercialized Web, the epitome of our late-capitalist market logic. As such, online identity is se... Read More

Keywords: online identity management, self-commodification, identity capital, materialism, self-efficacy

Intergenerational Digital Storytelling Pairing Teens as Multimedia Facilitators with an Elder as Narrative Director

Margarida ROMERO


Intergenerational communication and learning empowers dif-ferent generations valuing their knowledge (Ivan & Fernández-Ardèvol, 2014; Newman & Hatton-Yeo, 2008). Traditionally, elders have been rec-ognized by their wisdom and were given a responsibility in the transmis-sion of the cult... Read More

Keywords: intergenerational learning, digital storytelling, elders, ICT, secondary education

New Media Typography



New media and connected new publication types emerging in the late 19th and the 20th century (film, television, internet) have raised new questions regarding the role of typography in publishing. Clearly, works of typography and publishing have always served a wide dissemi-nation of ideas to reach a larger ... Read More

Keywords: typography, New Media, visual communication, the typo-graphic code

The Perception of Young Adults on Intelligent Advertising. A Case Study on Romania



This study investigates the way intelligent advertising, name-ly advertising through augmented reality, is perceived by young adults. Based on a population of young adults studying advertising and comput-er science, the research’s main hypothesis is that although the advanced technology is accepted as... Read More

Keywords: intelligent advertising, augmented reality, advertising, technology

Unconditional Trust? Public Opinion Towards the EU in Romania

Loredana RADU


Building on the largely acknowledged fact that attitudes to-wards the European Union are multidimensional (Hobolt 2014; Harteveld et. al. 2013), this paper aims at exploring the relationship between three important and presumably related dimensions: trust in national institu-tions, trust in the European Uni... Read More

Keywords: European Union, national government, trust, public opinion

Online Discursive (De)legitimation of the Roma Community

Camelia-Mihaela CMECIU


European Union has started to use online platforms in order to decrease the democratic, symbolic and communication deficits with which it has been associated. The online subsidiarity adopted by EU has allowed a new form of European citizenship where the EU citizens turned into active content producers. Alon... Read More

Keywords: inclusion, education, legitimators, delegitimators, discur-sive structures, discursive strategies

The Role of Media in Structuring the Social Representations of Romanian Immigrants in Germany



The present article investigates the role played by mass-media in structuring the public discourse regarding the adaptive efforts of the Romanian immigrants in the German cultural space in the European Union and their relation to the host country. The problem of the immi-grants from South-East Europe has be... Read More

Keywords: mass-media, public discourse, Romanian immigrants, Ger-many, social representation


Otavia Cristina BORŞ


Sandu FRUNZĂ, Advertising Constructs Reality. Bucureşti, Tritonic, 2014.

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Keywords: Sandu FRUNZĂ