Articles from Volume 8, Issue 3 (23) / 2015

The Socio-Political Poster in the Digital Age



The socio-political poster has always been at the core of the society, defining its culture, its economy or worldview. Used to convey messages or announce upcoming major events, posters have experienced a spectacular development throughout the 20th Century: as an art form, an advertising tool or a pure refl... Read More

Keywords: socio-political posters, cyberactivism, culture jamming, graphic style, copyleft

TV News Stations’ Behaviour in the 2014 Presidential Campaign in Romania

Constantin TROFIN


Romania has the largest number of news TV stations in Europe, reported to population. Their role is not about making money, but influence. Therefore, their obvious political links and interests become naturally. News TV stations are strongly polarized and that was probably best observed during the president... Read More

Keywords: Klaus Iohannis, misconduct, news TV station, Presidential debate, ratings, Victor Ponta, visual approach

What makes good advertising? 12 timeless principles based on the advice of famous advertising gurus



What makes good advertising? It is an eternal topic with several opinions including online forums and people of the academia taking a stand. Some people think that there is a single answer to this question such as ”42” in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Others say th... Read More

Keywords: advertising, business, marketing, principles, sales

Perspectives on media and advertising research

Iulia GRAD


The field of communication, with all its ramifications, is nowadays, one of the most dynamic and challenging research areas. The recent developments of communication technologies demand a permanent reconfiguration of the conceptual tools which can be used in the theoretical and empirical approach of the fie... Read More

Keywords: communication, media, media communication, advertising, public relations, new media

Thèmes Européens et Représentations de l’Union Européenne : Les Affiches de la Campagne pour les élections européennes 2014

Denisa-Adriana OPREA, Corina DABA-BUZOIANU


Ce texte étudie les thèmes et les représentations de l’Union européenne tels qu’ils ont été véhiculés par les affiches de la campagne pour les élections européennes de mai 2014. Dans un premier temps, nous analyserons les th&e... Read More

Keywords: Union Européenne, thèmatisation, représentation, campagne électorale, affiches

Media Reflection on Religion. Coverage on the Iulia Ionescu Case



The present article focuses on a particular sensitive topic widely debated in the Romanian media at a certain point. Its aim is to identify the frames that have been used by the journalists in the large number of articles published on this matter and secondly, to conduct research on the outcome and the effects of those frames. Therefor... Read More

Keywords: framing, media coverage, religion, Romania


Laura MARUȘCA, Delia Cristina BALABAN, Cosmin IRIMIEȘ


Cristina NISTOR, Acoperirea mediatică a situaţiilor de criză [Media Coverage of Crisis Situations].
Cluj-Napoca, Presa Universitară Clujeană, 2015.

Meda MUCUNDORFEANU, The German-language Press in Romania during the Communist Period. Case Study: the Newspaper Neuer Weg [A History of the German Media in Transy... Read More

Keywords: Cristina NISTOR, Meda MUCUNDORFEANU, Joseph. R. DOMINICK