Articles from Volume 7, Issue 3 (20) / 2014

Los discursos publicitarios o el arte de triturar la realidad



Advertising is becoming globalized. As the world is more in-terconnected, advertising discourses occupy new spaces in consumers’ minds. This article highlights some of the new strategies employed by advertising creators and their struggle against communicative saturation. The distracted minds of con... Read More

Keywords: advertising strategy, intoxication, advertising stereotypes, emotional branding, neuromarketing

The Research of Mass-Media– Dynamics, Figures and Astonishments

Marian PETCU, Arina URECHE


Our study is based on the measurements performed by The Transmedia Romanian Audit Bureau (BRAT), during the 2002-2014 time-frame, a period chosen in order to observe the changes that the media offer in Romania has been going through. We present here the dynamic of the media consumption, including the acc... Read More

Keywords: mass media, Romania, Internet, market research, study, cul-tural consumption, BRAT users

The Content Management of Media Convergence



The media convergence of the internet-based society can be the main solution for the printed media to hold and communicate more efficiently with the consumers. The paper gives a brief overlook on the aspects of online communication, the transformation of the consumer’s expectation and satisfaction a... Read More

Keywords: media convergence, online content management, online communication, online journalism, multimedia, interactivity

Navigating Culture. Enhancing Visitor Museum Experience through Mobile Technologies. From Smartphone to Google Glass.

Anamaria TOMIUC


This paper focuses on the use of mobile technologies and their ability to engage audiences in a new type of exploration that enriches the museum experience. The rapid expansions of media technology, the universal access to the Internet, the continuous online presence in the social media are fundamentally ... Read More

Keywords: mobile technologies, museum experience, Smartphone apps, augmented reality, Google Glass

Media Convergence and Mobile Technology

Georgeta DRULĂ


Convergence of multimedia content involves the unifcation of several media channels through a technology, and it is in a state of continuous transformation driven by the technological evolution. Recently developed, mobile and wireless technologies have facilitated new forms of convergence that permit user... Read More

Keywords: mobile sites, mobile convergence, mobile journalism; mobile media; mobile news

Progress and Control: Positivism and the European Epistemological Hegemony



This article focuses on the way in which European colonial powers tried to extend their political and territorial grip on their colonial empires by imposing and actively promoting the cultural imperatives of European modernity. In particular we try to understand how positivism became an indispensable tool... Read More

Keywords: Epistemology, Positivism, European cultural hegemony, Islam, Orientalism, Multiple Modernities

What Every Body Is Saying. An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

Joe Navarro, Marvin Collins


Review by Laura Maruşca

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