Articles from Volume 7, Issue 1 (18) / 2014

The Use of ICT in Students’ Learning Activities

Loredana IVAN, Valeriu FRUNZARU


There is no doubt that new communication technologies are shaping our interaction paterns and technology adoption will continue to grow in the future, creating gaps between people with different levels of expertise. Particularly in the educational area, new technologies will challenge traditional approac... Read More

Keywords: ICT use in students’ learning activities, teachers ICT use; traditional and non-traditional students

Cómo afecta la comunicación en la cultura del mundo andino. Cine documental y denuncia en Chile.



The paper presents a perspective over the changes that had taken place in Latin America and especially in Chile as a result of the communication processes that took place in the contemporary media society. A historical approach over the development of Chile are presented. Theoretical perspectives of Paul ... Read More

Keywords: communication, Chile, documentary

Farbe als Gestaltungsmittel. Die Farbwahrnehmung im kulturellen, sozialen, politischen und sozial-psychologischen Kontext



The present paper describes the preliminary steps of an elaborate study about color associations in people’s minds. This particular part analyzes if gender and age are factors that infuence the way individuals associate colors with certain objects, brands, ideas or feelings. The effect of a color o... Read More

Keywords: color, cultural, social, political, psychological

Journalism in Transylvania during WWI – Between Censorship and Propaganda. Case Study: Libertatea newspaper



The First World War, one of the most difficult times in the Romanians’ history, during which the opportunity of uniting Transylvania (part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at the time) with Romania became real, generated counter-measures from the Hungarian authorities, and the press was the hardest ... Read More

Keywords: Transylvania, WWI, propaganda, manipulation, censorships, press

The role of the final debate in a campaign’s strategy

Ada-Maria ȚÎRLEA


From a communicational point of view, electoral campaigns are considered to be very demanding. The competition and the technological progress are considered to be the most important factors that impose such a struggle. Final debates represent the highlight of an electoral campaign. They emphasize the qual... Read More

Keywords: discourse, political communication, campaigns, USA, Romania

Cultural Imperialism. Tool for the Dissolution of the Belongingness Feeling



The study is a qualitative approach on how the cultural imperialism affects the belongingness feeling of the Romanian youth. The main role in this phenomenon is atributed to the mass media. The methods used involve a pre-test, consisting of a focus group, combined with an experiment and a small survey, a... Read More

Keywords: cultural imperialism, mass media, Romania, youth, national culture


Julia Szambolics, Laura Maruşca, Veronica Câmpian, Delia Cristina Balaban, Cosmin Irimieş


Delia C. Balaban, Meda Mucundorfeanu, Ioana Hosu, New Media. Challenges and Perspectives

Aneta Bogdan, Branding pe frontal de Est

Allan & Barbara Pease, Body Language in the Workplace

Julia Szambolics, Book: PR versus jurnalism. Influențe bilaterale

Mark Tungate,... Read More