Articles from Volume 6, Issue 2 (16) / 2013

Studying children and their internet experiences: online risks between theoretical approaches and methodological issues



The paper reviews and discusses a series of researches and data having as main topic the children’s use of internet with a special focus on risks associated with online activities. Taking into account the results and classifcations resulted from a recent cross-national survey, as well as defnitions ... Read More

Keywords: children, internet use, online risks, research methodology

La publicité entre déontologie professionnelle et réglementations légales: la perspective du professionnel roumain

Alexandra ZBUCHEA, Florina PÎNZARU, Cristina GALALAE


La publicité a gagné une ampleur particulière de nos jours. En Roumanie, notamment pendant la dernière décennie, on assiste à une croissance spectaculaire de la publicité en termes fnanciers, mais aussi en ce qui concerne la diversité des approches a... Read More

Keywords: publicite, etique, reglementation, Roumanie, deontologie professionelle

Terrorismo y cine en España durante la última década


European Journalism. Professional Practices and Challenges

Cristina NISTOR


The article focuses on the development of the local European journalism – which aims to link European citizens to EU institutions and to Brussels’ decisions. First, the paper provides a background with general considerations on European media communication strategies and on media coverage of E... Read More

Keywords: media communication, profesional journalism practice, local European journalism

Protection of human dignity under Romanian audiovisual content regulations. Reflections on the most prominent 2012 case.

Sinziana Maria JURĂU


The article presents, in a chronological order, the most important legal developments in the protection awarded to human dignity and personality rights under Romanian law. The overview is correlated with references to international regulations, where applicable. A study-case of the most prominent 2012 iss... Read More

Keywords: human dignity; freedom of expression; privacy protection; personality rights

User motivation in collaborative development



The new media have changed the way people communicate. New technical means can translate into new types of social interaction and organization affecting all areas of human activity. For the production of immaterial goods, the internet has facilitated different types of relationships between task initiat... Read More

Keywords: intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, amotivation, crowdsourcing, immaterial labor, playbor, online communities

Romanian Memoirs of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913) Between Realism and Constructivism

Raluca-Simona DEAC


This article examines the Romanian memoirs of the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 as a medium of communication and documentation of the events, with a focus on the question whether such writings can be tied in realism or are rather a product of constructivism, in order to establish their possible historiographic... Read More

Keywords: Balkan Wars (1912-1913), Romanian memoirs, constructivism, realism

Romanian War Correspondence Yesterday and Today



The present study seeks to debate a comparison of modern and contemporary war correspondence from the Romanian space, including forms of representation from photography to current forms of new media. The starting point is represented by photographer Carol Pop of Szathmári and the terminus is reache... Read More

Keywords: war correspondence, romanian public, Carol Pop de Szathmári, Adelin Petrișor, Carmen Avram, photography, mass-media

Conferences Review. National Student Conference on Communication. 24-25 May 2013 International Conference on Professional Communication and Translation Studies. 8th edition