Articles from Volume 13, Issue 3 (38) / 2020

Branding Romania in the Age of Disruption.Technology as a Soft Power Instrument

Bianca-Florentina CHEREGI, Alina BÂRGĂOANU


In the age of disruption and in today’s platform society (Van Dijck et al., 2019), communication between nation states is influenced by the development of technology. The nation state is responding to the new communication environment through “techplomacy” and through the use of Artificial... Read More

Keywords: Nation branding; Technology; Soft power; Artificial intelligence; Media

The Impact of Megatrends on Marketing Communications Education. Results of an International Survey Among Educators



This paper examines the global megatrends affecting business practices and marketing and marketing communications education using the results of an international survey carried out by the authors to understand the effects of global megatrends, which included businesspeople as well as academics. For the rese... Read More

Keywords: Marketing; Marketing communication; Megatrends; Mar-keting education; International research

Social Media Influencer Advertising versus Advertising on Social Media Account of a Brand. Evidence from an Experimental Design

Delia Cristina BALABAN, Roberta Gabriela RACZ


Nowadays, the relevance of advertising on social media is essential, especially for the young audience category for which traditional media is no longer a real consumer option. This paper aims to explore the differences in the efficiency of online advertising with and without the support of a social media i... Read More

Keywords: Social media influencer; Advertising; Social media advertising; Instagram, Experiment; Source effectiveness

The Use of Dialogic Principles of Romanian Crowdfunding Platform Communication on Facebook



This study examines how the Romanian crowdfunding platform is using social media, specifically Facebook, in order to create a dialogic context for consumers, as defined by the five dialogic principles issued by Kent and Taylor (1998). To determine if dialogic communica-tion was occurring between... Read More

Website Design for Effective Digital Audience Engagement: A Conceptual Framework



The transformative power of digital technologies alters every sector of our society and provides unparalleled opportunities for value creation. The challenge for today’s organizations is to communicate in ways that resonate with the digital audiences and forge meaningful interactions. Leveraging digit... Read More

From Agenda Setting to Melding: How Individuals Part of Certain On-line Groups Change Their Electoral Behavior amid the COVID-19 Pandemic



Do certain on-line groups influence the individual’s behavior? Moreover, do certain on-line groups tend to influence his or her electoral behavior amid the COVID-19 pandemic? This article aims to assess how or whether being a specific on-line group member (Facebook, WhatsApp, or the equivalent) could ... Read More

Keywords: Public perception; Social behaviors; Political efficacy; Political trust; Corona crisis

Social Media. A Literature Review

Chi Thi Phuong DUONG


The development and expansion of social media have rapidly changed the interaction and communication of people, thereby attracting attention in an unprecedented scale. This paper reviews the relevant literature on social media to yield a better understanding of how it has transformed the way people communic... Read More

Keywords: Social media; Social network; Communication tool; Literature review