Articles from Volume 13, Issue 2 (37) / 2020

Exposure to Hate Speech in the Digital Age. Effects on Stereotypes About Roma People

Dana Raluca BUTUROIU, Nicoleta CORBU


Hateful content directed against ethnic minority groups has gained momentum due to the open nature of social media platforms and the legal protection towards freedom of speech. Being the largest in the European Union, the Roma ethnic minority group faces generalized discrimination with regards to many vital... Read More

Keywords: Online hate speech; Roma minority; Stereotypes about Roma; Discrimination

An Analysis of COVID-19 – Related Fake News from Romania. A Pilot Qualitative Study

Ioana PALADE, Delia Cristina BALABAN


At the beginning of the novel coronavirus another phenomenon was observed: the dissemination of false information on a large scale. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the coronavirus pandemic is not the only threat that the world is facing, but there is also an infodemic that needs to be contro... Read More

Keywords: Fake news; COVID-19; eHealth literacy; Infodemia; Misinformation

This Is What Happens When You Are Afraid. A Case Study of the Reach and Meanings of Fake Anecdotal Information During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Octav-Sorin CANDEL


Social media proves to be extremely important in crises. During the Covid-19 pandemic, social media can have a dual role. Firstly, it can act as a crucial medium of communication for all the people that are affected by the lockdown. Secondly, it offers the ideal context for the development and spread of var... Read More

Keywords: Social media; Covid-19; Fake news; Content analysis; Fear; Conspiracy theory

What Is Known About Native Advertising in Editorial Contexts? A Descriptive Literature Review

Nicoleta-Elena APOSTOL


This article syntheses the outcomes of native advertising, in particular, pertaining to the custom (or editorial-style) format, which represents the main focus of empirical studies. Native advertising formats are increasingly adopted as an alternative to display advertising, including the editorial-style, w... Read More

Keywords: Native advertising; Sponsored content; Masked marketing; Journalism; Literature review

Reenacting the ‘90s Romanian Advertising: From the Revelation of Delights to the Ascent of GSM



Creativity research is a field still open to many types of exploration. The need for accurate instruments led researchers to various attempts during different periods. The present paper proposes a plunge back into the Romanian ‘90s when advertising was in its infancy. With a content analysis proposed ... Read More

Keywords: Divergence; Relevance; Systematic inventive thinking; Press advertisements; ‘90s Romania

The PESTEL Model Application to Ok Boomer and TikTok from a Public Relations Perspective

Young Joon LIM


This article explores the macro-environmental (external business environment) factors of the Ok Boomer generation and their use of TikTok, based on the PESTEL model. The six key factors of the model (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal) guide this article to analyze the over... Read More

Keywords: Ok Boomers; TikTok; PESTEL model; Macro-environmental factors; Public relations strategy

The Role of New Media in Travel and Tourism Industry in Morocco: Customers’ Attitudes



The overwhelming emergence of new media, Web 2.0, and cyberspace have dramatically altered the travel and tourism business and have increasingly taken on an essential role in this industry. The growth of new and digital media has created new opportunities for business leaders and service providers to expand... Read More

Keywords: New media; Online communities; Technology; Digital marketing; Travel and tourism business

Integrierte Kommunikation – theoretisches Konstrukt oder praktisches Handlungskonzept



Steigender Konkurrenzdruck und eine sich ver-schärfende Wettbewerbssituation erhöhen den Druck auf Unternehmen und Organisationen. Längst reichen deshalb klassische Werbeformen und ein Denken in klassischen Marketingdimensionen nicht mehr aus. Kommunikation ist längst keine alleinige Auf... Read More

Keywords: Kommunikation; Integrierte Kommunikation; Unternehmenskommunikation; Modelle; Theorie

Book Review: Agnieszka Stępińska (Editor), Populist discourse in the Polish media

Delia Cristina BALABAN


Book Review: Agnieszka Stępińska (Editor), Populist discourse in the Polish media, Poznan: Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2020.
ISBN: 978-83-65817-87-7

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Keywords: Agnieszka Stępińska; Populist discourse in the Polish media; Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań