Articles from Volume 13, Issue 1 (36) / 2020

Instagram as a Platform to Capitalize on the Photo-Journalists’ or Freelancers’ Work

Georgeta DRULA


As a dominating trend in journalism is the measurement of its success related to social media platforms and their users. Offering the opportunities to get and to deliver real-time photos, Instagram creates a new way to present news stories, and to find new audiences. Thus, Instagram beco... Read More

Keywords: Journalism on Instagram; Social network analysis; Photo-journalism; Online reputation

Methodological Framework for the Analysis of Brand Identity Construction

Gyöngyvér Erika TŐKÉS


The purpose of this study is to develop a methodological framework for examining brand identity construction. In the first part of the study, the theoretical background and conceptualization of brand identity is introduced. This section contains a comparative analysis of the most used conceptual brand iden... Read More

Keywords: Methodological framework; Conceptualization; Operationalization; Brand identity; Service brand; Employer brand

The Contemporary Election Campaign in Romania: Approaching the Electorate through Online and Offline Communication Channels. Case study: The European Parliament Elections 2019

Veronica CȂMPIAN, Brîndușa Maria CERGĂ


The article “The Contemporary Election Campaign in Romania: Approaching the Electorate through Online and Offline Communication Channels; Case study: The European Parliament Elections 2019” deals with the elections for the European Parliament in Romania and sets out to examine how... Read More

Keywords: Social media; Facebook; Newspaper; Online and offl ine communication channels; Political party; Election campaign

Fragmentation of the Media Audience in Kosovo in the Era of the Internet



Audience fragmentation in the internet era is present also in Kosovo. The few studies of this topic in Kosovo make this article very important as it first studies the Kosovar audience in this form. The research question in this paper is: What kind of fragmentation is most prevalent in th... Read More

Keywords: Audience; Fragmentation; Internet; Kosovo; Media

Terrorismo y espacios de la perpetración



In the consideration of terrorism as a political massacre, there is a field often little studied, such as space. When studying terrorism, the analysis is usually directed towards the figure of the perpetrator, his nature, his motives, ideologies, psychology, etc., or he focuses on the victim ... Read More

Keywords: Terrorism; Perpetration space; Historical perspective