Articles from Volume 12, Issue 1 (33) / 2019

Media Literacy Education in Secondary School: Teachers’ Attitudes



The media and technological advances have massively changed our lives. Therefore, in light of the emerging media landscape, the notion of literacy has been expanded and the need to develop media literate learners who are producers as well as consumers has been reinforced. Being literate in the 21st century ... Read More

Keywords: Media literacy education; Secondary school; Curriculum; Media; Information and communication technologies; Integration

Die Amerikanisierung der politischen Online-Kommunikation in der wahlkampffreien Zeit Fallstudie: Eine Facebook Profilanalyse des rumänischen Präsidenten Klaus Iohannis

Veronica CÂMPIAN, Brîndușa Maria CERGĂ


The article “The Americanization of on-line political communication in the external election period; Case study: An analysis of the Facebook profile of the Romanian President Klaus Iohannis” highlights the peculiarities of the Americanization of political communication in general and creates the... Read More

Keywords: Political communication; Americanization; On-line political discourse; Facebook, Political chronemics

Technology Appropriation in the Chilean-Mapuche Territorial Conflict: The Case of the Mapuche Digital Media



This work aims at visualizing the frames of significance that are present in the informative discourses, as well as the constructions about the Mapuche territory appearing on the Mapuche digital media Territory is enrolled in a significance system that legitimates the processes of territorial rec... Read More

Keywords: Territory; Reclaiming; Mapuche; Digital Media; Decoloniality

The How-to Video: An Exploratory Study on a Popular User-Generated Genre



Given the increased tendency to turn to the Internet to look for advice and the simultaneous rise of the amateur culture in the online medium, this research aims to explore the characteristics of a type of tutorial associated with the phenomenon, namely the how-to video. In this regard, it examines a corpus... Read More

Keywords: YouTube; How-to video tutorial; Amateur culture; Internet culture

Analysis of Top-Down Organizational Communication in Railway Companies in the Republic of Kosovo from the Employees’ Perspective



Organizational communication has always impacted organizational effectiveness and performance. Taking into account the importance of the railways, it is important to study this dimension in Kosovo’s railway companies,. The railroad is regarded as the first media revolution and railways have revolution... Read More

Keywords: Employees; Management; Media revolution; Organization communication; Railway companies; Top-down communication

How Do Women Politicians Display Their Online Faith in Social Media? Case study: The Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea

Adina-Loredana DOGARU-TULICĂ


Considering the role of religion in post-communist Romanian society, the relation between politics and religion and the fast expansion of social media, this paper aims to investigate how a woman politician, namely the mayor of Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, uses social media to address religious me... Read More

Keywords: Political communication; Feminine political leadership; Facebook; Religion, Social media interactions

Book Review



Jean-Marie Dru
The Ways to New – 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation

New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2015
ISBN-10: 1119167973

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Keywords: Jean-Marie Dru; The Ways to New – 15 Paths to Disruptive Innovation; New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2015; ISBN-10: 1119167973