Articles from Volume 11, Issue 2 (31) / 2018

Characteristics of the Digital Divide in Romania and Differences in Internet Use in Comparison with Internet Use in Europe



During the development of the digital communication at a global scale, several researchers investigated issues such as the access to Internet or the differentiated use of Internet. Previous studies analyzed the factors that sustain the Internet spreading, that enable the use of Internet instead of tradition... Read More

Keywords: Digital divide; Internet access; Internet use; Digital differentiation

“You’re Simply the Best”: Communicating Power and Victimhood in Support of President Aleksandar Vučić in the Serbian Dailies Alo! and Informer

Srđan Mladenov JOVANOVIĆ


Since the recent slew of anti-democratic developments on a worldwide scale, from the onset of the xenophobic crisis in Europe to the election of president Donald Trump, scholarly interest in the Western Balkans has waned significantly. Yet new developments have unraveled in Serbia since 2012 and the coming ... Read More

Keywords: Media content analysis; Serbia; Aleksandar Vučić; Informer; Alo!; Power

Instagram as a Tool for Destination Branding – Case Study on the Major Cities of Romania



Instagram is among the most popular social network sites with more than 800 million active users worldwide (Statista 2017) and it is one of the fastest growing social platforms in Romania as well. According to recent studies the photo-sharing app plays a vital role in choosing our next destination; thus, it... Read More

Keywords: Destination branding; Social media; Visual culture; M-tourism, Instagram

Retórica del patriotismo e invención del enemigo exterior



After a brief historical introduction, this paper analyzes the rhetorical and persuasive elements of the patriotism of State in the sphere of political regimes of force that ruled some European Nations during the first third of 20th century. The paper ends with the analysis of the patriotism of State as per... Read More

Keywords: Patriotism; Nationalism; Propaganda; Terrorism; War

Análisis Temático de los Tuits de los Líderes Políticos Españoles en las Elecciones Generales de 2016



This article focuses on the issues published in Twitter by the main four Spanish political leaders during the general elections held on 26 June 2016. The research method is a quantitative content analysis applied to the each and every 2,339 tweets published by Mariano Rajoy (PP), Pedro Sánchez (PSOE)... Read More

Keywords: Spain; Electoral Campaign; Twitter; Campaign Issues; Po-litical Leaders

Información, incertidumbre y memoria: perpetradores en la estrategia de los atentados de Al-Qaeda e ISIS



One of the extreme situations to which the journalistic information has been given since the 19th century is the coverage of terrorist attacks. The last decade is marked by the attacks derived from the conflict in Syria and the acquisition of part of the territory of Iraq and Syria by the self-styled Islami... Read More

Keywords: ISIS; Al-Qaeda; Terrorism; Islamism; Communication; Efficiency

Online Brand Awareness. A Case-Study on Creating Associations and Attachment



A consistent online presence requires the existence of positive information only, or negative information that does not harm the image of the person or product. The success of the brand in medium term involves the existence of an online communication strategy of at least six months, avoiding negative associ... Read More

Keywords: Brand attachments; Brand in social media; Brand associa-tions; Communication in social media; Brand influencers

Book Review: Dana Oancea, James E. Grunig, Aneta Bogdan, The Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations


Keywords: Dana Oancea; James E. Grunig; Aneta Bogdan; The Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations; Fundația Forum for International Com-munication