Articles from Volume 10, Issue 3 (29) / 2017

New Media and Civic Participation in Morocco



The modern democratic systems are facing a long-term crisis of participation and civic apathy. However, the emergence of the new media and cyberspace has created significant opportunities, especially for youth, for civic engagement. New media has provided increased opportunities for users to generate their ... Read More

Keywords: New media; Public affairs; Civic engagement; Democracy; Freedom

When the Journalist Meets New Media: Some Reflections on the Interactions between Journalist and New Media Driven Journalism in Turkey



This study aims to answer the following questions: How do journalists in Turkey discuss the emergence of new media specific technological forms? and In which circumstances are new media forms seen as contributing to the practices of journalism and when are they threatening it? Each mode in the study points ... Read More

Keywords: Journalism; Internet; New media; Ownership concentration; Pluralisation

Media Coverage of the Stormy Weather in Romania in September 2017

Delia Cristina BALABAN


In the context of climate change, unusual stormy weather has become a highly recurrent phenomenon. These kinds of events usually generate plenty media coverage. The article focused on media coverage of the stormy weather events that took place mid-September in Romania. In this particular case, the author wi... Read More

Keywords: Framing theory; Stormy weather; Media coverage

Vlogs – die beliebteste Darstellungsform der Millennials

Mirela ABRUDAN, Sânziana CHIŢEA


The present paper aims to shed light on vlogging, an online activity that grows constantly at global level and through which members of Generation Y choose to express them nowadays. If vlogs seem to dominate the Web 2.0 scene, does this mean blogs are outdated, or can the two online formats co-exist success... Read More

Keywords: Millennials; Vlogs; Romanian vlogging-scene; Vloggers; Influencers

Philosophy with Children within Social Network Sites: Engaging Towards a Virtual Community

Iulia MEDVESCHI, Mihaela FRUNZĂ, Iulia GRAD, Ariana GUGA


The objective of this article is to discuss the benefits offered by the Philosophy with Children program with roots in the Socratic method, in which the individuals reach their own conclusions by exercising the dialectics. In the second part, we aim to highlight the set of pedagogical practices used within ... Read More

Keywords: Philosophy; Children; Club, Community of inquiry; Virtual community; Social media

The Branding and Promotion of Cultural Heritage. Case Study About the Development and Promotion of a Touristic Heritage Route in the Carpathian Basin



The study describes a comprehensive cultural branding plan, whose central form is Saint Ladislaus (St. László). The plan creates a Cultural Heritage Route of 44 settlements in Romania and Hungary having built heritage sites, legend-connected sites, natural values or settlement name associated ... Read More

Keywords: Saint Ladislaus Heritage Route; Cultural branding; Heritage elements; Place branding; Touristic promotion

Visual Rhetoric, Ads, and the Society’s Radiograph

Corina ROTAR, Alexandru POTOR


The visual elements that belong to a brand’s identity represent more than just a simple illustration of a designer’s vision. They communicate messages, they structure and present profound data to the public about that certain brand (product, company, institution , etc.), but also about the socie... Read More

Keywords: Visual language; Visual rhetoric; Images; Ads

Key Aspects of Myths and Metaphors in Romanian Political Discourse from a Cognitive Linguistic Perspective

Octavia Raluca ZGLOBIU


In its endeavour to legitimate power, political communication seeks to convince the electorate, in every possible way and on every possible occasion and, while doing so, it resorts to different linguistic strategies. The presence of myths and metaphors seems to have flourished in today’s political dis... Read More

Keywords: Political communication; Political metaphors; Myths; Linguistic strategies; Political representation

Effective Communication in Politics. Barack Obama’s Inspirational Speeches



Mastering effective communication skills has become, over the last decades, one of the most important features of the contemporary social animal that is the human being. Not accidentally have we chosen this particular definition of human being, but with the clear intention of underlining and emphasizing the... Read More

Keywords: Communication; Public speaking; Speech; Effectiveness; Message; Meaning; Impact

Book Review

Veronica CÂMPIAN


Allan Pease and Barbara Pease, The Definitive Book of Body Language, London: Orion Publishing House, 2004
ISBN: 0752861689

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Keywords: Allan Pease; Barbara Pease; The Definitive Book of Body Language;