Articles from Volume 10, Issue 2 (28) / 2017

Living and Communicating in a Changing Information Society: The Relevance and Impact of Big Data



The contribution, which has been one of the two keynote speeches to the 2016 PR Trend International Conference, has aimed at pointing out the relevance and impact of Big Data for human communication. The increasing generation of enormous datasets, and with them the so-called datafication of reality, are her... Read More

Keywords: Big Data; Information Society; EU; University teaching and research; Communication-related professional profiles

Third-person Perception and Its Predictors in the Age of Facebook

Raluca BUTUROIU, Flavia DURACH, Georgiana UDREA, Nicoleta CORBU


Originally proposed by Davison (1983), the TPE hypothesis maintains that people who are exposed to general persuasive media messages believe that these messages have a greater impact on others (i.e., “the third persons”) than on themselves. Although classic TPE studies have long focused on the t... Read More

Keywords: predictors of TPP; social media; persuasive messages; Facebook dependency; social comparison.

Professionals’ View on Nowadays Creativity in Online Advertising

Mădălina MORARU


Digital marketing has been developing a huge dynamic potential for the past few years, considering the steady relationship as its target. Therefore, professionals look for new ways to rebrand themselves as creative people according to social changes that may cause even brand repositioning because the market... Read More

Keywords: online; marketing; creativity; advertising; future

Technological Periods and Medial Paradigms of Computer Games



In our work we analyze the phenomenon of video games, their impact on art, media and society. At the beginning of our studies we sadly realized that most articles dealing with “new media” phenomenon starts with the hypothesis that video games are a new form of media (new media), which has not ye... Read More

Keywords: computer games; postmodernism; new media; virtual worlds; immersion

Political Identity, Decision-Making and Communication in the Age of Digital Media: A Case Study on the 2016 US Elections

Alexandru-Vasile SAVA


With the result of the USA presidential election in view, we can finally gain some clarity on the events that have unfolded over the past year. We have seen the rise in the polls of two outsiders in the primary elections of both political parties, one of them successfully winning his party’s nominatio... Read More

Keywords: Democratic participation; post-truth; institutions; social media; poststructuralism

Les journalists remplacent la verité par le mensonge, sous la pression des reseaux sociaux

Horea Mihai BĂDĂU


Les typologies informationnelles qui ont du succès sur Facebook, fondées sur la production de l’émotion, peuvent-elles influencer le contenu généré par les sites d’infos? Peuvent-elles influencer de manière à ce que la recherche de la v&eac... Read More

Keywords: Journalisme; Verité; Mensonge; Reseaux Sociaux; Television

Sprechen Männer und Frauen eine andere Sprache? Eine Untersuchung geschlechterspezifischer Unterschiede in der Wortwahl und Syntax am Beispiel der Lifestylemaga-zine Brigitte und Men´s Health

Veronica CÂMPEAN


The article Do women and men speak a different language? Gender-specific differences in word-choice and syntax in two lifestyle magazines: Brigitte und Men’s Health aims to pinpoint gender-specific differences in the linguistic behaviour of men and women and to determine whether the above-mentioned ma... Read More

Keywords: female language; male language; gender-specific differences; linguistic tendencies; magazine language

The Social Impact of CSR Campaigns Among a Higher Education Institution From Romania

Veronica Ioana ILIEŞ, Paul-Alexandru FĂRCAŞ


Social responsibility campaigns implemented within higher education institutions from Romania are at an early stage, but with a growing interest in this field. These programs are built with the desire to convince and help the academic community to invest in the development of students, professors and auxili... Read More

Keywords: corporate social responsibility (CSR); university social re-sponsibility (USR); UBB; blood donation campaign

Media and Online Analysis of Settlements from Saint Ladislaus Memorial Road



The primary goal of the current paper is to emphasize the most important natural and cultural values of 30 analyzed settlements, included in the path of the Saint Ladislaus memorial road. In order to define these core values, the study applies several research methods, previously described in the literature... Read More

Keywords: place branding; destination branding; media analysis; on-line presence

A New Concept in Promoting Tourism: Thematic Evenings

Simona BADER


In every field, especially services the market is in a permanent evolution and those engaged must find new modalities to make their services known as efficient and appealing as possible. Such a field is tourism and the communication strategies of travel agencies follow in Romania the classical modalities: o... Read More

Keywords: conceptual events; thematic evenings; public relation; tour-ism; communication

The Audience of Contemporary Art: Between Influenced and Influencer



Given the complexity of the contemporary art field and its power mecanisms, a very necessary discussion is that regarding the groups that have a significant influence over the artistic practices. We will demonstrate that this approach needs, first of all, to proceed to the classification of the types of aud... Read More

Keywords: contemporary art; audience; art-gallery; art market; art in-stitutions

Education and Social Media



The study attempts to mirror the situation about how teenagers use social media, how the educational system is teaching them and uses social media in teaching or promotion. In many cases concerning social media a complex project is needed in order to teach youth how to use social media correctly by media pr... Read More

Keywords: digital world; identity; search; communication; connection

Book Review

Nicoleta CORBU


Mira Moshe, Temporal Love. Temporality and Romantic Relationships, New York, Nova Science Publishers, 2016, ISBN: 978-1-53610-050-1

Read More

Keywords: Mira Moshe; Temporal Love. Temporality and Romantic Relationships; Nova Science Publishers