Articles from Volume 10, Issue 1 (27) / 2017

Generation Y and the World of Work in the Future

Kerstin LIESEM


The Digital Revolution and its effects have been changing the world of work. This paper explores the way in which processes of mediatization affect the working life of Generation Y. Especially against the backdrop of an anticipated labor shortage in Germany, Generation Y and their attitudes to work will sh... Read More

Keywords: Mediatization, Digitalization, Generation Y, World of Work

Organizational and Individual Promotion Strategies. The Use of Social Media among the Journalists of the Romanian Public Television

Rodica Melinda ŞUŢU


This paper uses the Romanian Public Television as a case study to show that the strategies of promoting specific programs, media campaigns or celebrities through the new communication tools enabled by the digitalization, such as social media, significantly differ inside the company, either by department o... Read More

Keywords: social media, new technologies, organizational culture, public television, promotion strategies

Positive and/or Negative Meaning as Style Traits and Strategy Throughout the 2016 American Presidential Campaign — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Aurelia Ana VASILE


Communication has to do with influence that has impact on the life of those involved in the communication process, mostly when this communication refers to political campaigning. Inspired by the research on stress performed by the endocrinologist Hans Selye (1974), we aimed at investigating the polarity of... Read More

Keywords: communication, positive/negative connotation, politics, campaign, discourse

How Women Made the News. A Case-Study of Femeia Magazine in Communist Romania under Ceaușescu



In the Romanian communist regime, women’s status and emancipation were recurrent themes. Women’s representation in official propaganda was mainly conceived as the cultural component of the Party’s policies of social engineering, promoting the communist ideal of womanhood, which was both he... Read More

Keywords: gender roles, mass-media, propaganda, communism

Measuring Place Brand Equity: A Review of Current Models



There is an emerging competition between cities, regions and countries for different target groups like investors, local residents or tourists. Cities are using more and more marketing and public relations techniques in order to differentiate themselves. This paper analyzes the most recent attempts from pra... Read More

Keywords: place branding, city branding, brand equity, brand value

The Use of Product Placement in Books and E-Books



While the majority of research regarding product placement has been done in the context of film, TV productions, music videos and video games, we know little about this practice and its effects in the field of written text. The aim of the present paper is to gather all the relevant data about product plac... Read More

Keywords: product placement, books, branded books, brand names, implicit memory

Introduction to Profiling: The Process of Reading of Nonverbal Signs

Magor E. KÁDÁR


The present study debates the process and the difficulties of the nonverbal sign reading. As the perception and decoding the signs are strongly connected to the personality the first aspect is to know establish a proper baseline the subject will be referred to and have a proper selfknowledge to be able cla... Read More

Keywords: Profiling, nonverbal communication, interpersonal psychol-ogy, signal reading and interpretation

Emoticons: Between Linguistic Innovation and Symptom of the Posthuman Era

Robert CINCU


The paper focuses on the topic of online communication, determining a series of mutations that this type of discourse has brought to the larger context of communication in general. My aim is to point out the fact that some aspects specific to online communication (the use of emoticons, for example) corresp... Read More

Keywords: posthuman, emoticon, language, online communication, internet

Fashion – Between Evolution and Mutation

Dan-Niculae PODARU


This essay aims to look at how the phenomenon of contemporary fashion has evolved under the influence of technology and under the pressure of cost effectiveness; the essay will also be analyzing the courses of development that fashion has taken, as well as the occurrence of mutations throughout the logic o... Read More

Keywords: fashion-ology, fashion studies, fashion mutation, fashion semiotics