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Journal of Media Research

Articles from Volume 9, Issue 2 (25) / 2016

Ideology, control and exclusion in the intercultural studies and intercultural communication: a critical perspective



This work looks for an understanding of intercultural studies and intercultural communication from a genealogical and critical per-spective. It seems they could belong to a functional emerging practice and a discourse for socio-political and economical objectives related to the conflict solving regarding e... Read More

Keywords: ideology; control; exclusion; intercultural studies; intercul-tural communication

Wie viel Kommunikation passt in 160 Zeichen? Eine Untersuchung sprachlicher und kommunikativer Aspekte von Kurzmitteilungen (SMS) aus der Sicht von Jugendlichen

Veronica CÂMPIAN


The main objective of the article How much can we commu-nicate in 160 characters? An analysis of the linguistic and communicative functions of text messages (SMS) from the perspective of teenagers is to assess the linguistic and communicative perspective of bi- and trilingual teenagers on text mess... Read More

Keywords: SMS; mobile communication; linguistic and communicative aspects of communication

A semio-functional approach of relationship attacks-defenses for Presidential debates in Romania, from November 2014

Nicolae-Sorin DRĂGAN


This paper examines the relationship between two important discursive functions of televised debates (attacks and defenses) for presidential elections in Romania, in November 2014, from the perspective of functional theory of political campaign discourse. Tensions of discursive exchanges attack-defense type... Read More

Keywords: presidential debate; functional theory; political communica-tion culture; political semiotics

Corporate Online und Social Publishing in der öffentlichen Verwaltung. Fallbeispiel der rumänischen Ministerien

Mirela-Codruţa ABRUDAN, Julia SZAMBOLICS


New media but especially the rise of social media marked the beginning of a new communication era, facilitating each organization the direct access to its publics, escaping the dependence and filtering mechanisms of the press. This so-called “by-passing” phenomenon introduced new challenges for... Read More

Keywords: online communication; social media; public administration; Romanian Ministries; corporate social publishing

Then and now: The evolution of the Romanian press in post-Soviet Europe

David P. KARAS


The past quarter century has brought about significant waves of change for the nations of Central and Eastern Europe as Communism waned as the region's dominant political ideology. Paramount to these transitions - as well as the success of the democratic governments that have come to replace their authorit... Read More

Keywords: Romania; Romanian press; media system; post-Soviet; East-ern Europe

Korunk 1926-2016: The Emblematic Intellectual Workshop of Transylvania



The study attempts to give a picture about the editorial con-ceptions of the three waves of Korunk – Transylvania's emblematic periodical was founded by László Dienes in 1926 at Cluj. He edited alone three of the fifteen volumes of the first Korunk, and two and a half togeth-er with G&... Read More

Keywords: Korunk; editorial conceptions; the press of minority; the history of the press

Communicating Populism in Post-communist Romania – A Literature Review

Elena-Laura POPESCU


The literature review is part of the larger research project IS1308: Populist Political Communication in Europe, reviewing extant research within the participating countries that addresses each of the three key themes: Populist actors as communicators, the media and populism and Citizens and populism. This ... Read More

Keywords: populism; populist; media bias; electoral discourse; political lie

Personal Branding of Contemporary Novelists in the Digital Age

Júlia Anna MAKKAI


Nowadays, not only politicians and actors do public appearances, publicity is accessible to anybody. Web 2.0 creates its own public figures, anyone longing for publicity can create a personal brand in the online space. Prosaists are also conscious users of the social networking services, and besides promot... Read More

Keywords: personal branding; web 2.0; digital era; novelists; Transylvania


Veronica CÂMPIAN


König, Katharina & Bahlo, Nils (ed.)
SMS, WhatsApp & Co. Gattungsanalytische, kontrastive und variationslinguistische Perspektiven zur Analyse mobiler Kommunikation
Münster, Monsenstein und Vannerdat, 2014

Read More

Keywords: König Katharina; Bahlo Nils